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Artwork of Jamie Rood

Oil & Gas Theme Work by Photographic Artist Jamie Rood

My oilfield-related photographic art focuses on the hard work, grit and raw beauty of the people and equipment of the industry, while recognizing its integral place in our society. The work is accessible - brightening and bringing inspiration & motivation into your office or home. From limited edition canvases and paper prints, to metal and ceramic tile coasters and other gift items, we can help you decorate or reward clients and employees. All products are created in-house at my studio & gallery.

New: Editing of client Photos!

In the Fall of 2014, my brother Jody and I created volume 1 of an Oil & Gas coffee table book with a lot of my mainly West Texas oilfield art. It covers my artwork through October of 2014 in the catagories of

Viking 1 Rig in West Texas

In the Press

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Oilfield Monthly Cover...


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Thanks for finding beauty in the hard working men of West Texas!

Mandy, September 14th, 2010

Jamie, I bought the Oil and Gas coffee table book for my father for Christmas. He is a natural gas producer by trade. He absolutely LOVED it!! He raved about it over and over and kept showing me pictures. Of course, the derricks don't look like that much anymore, but it brought back some wonderful memories for my Dad and me. It is an amazing book! 

David, January 3, 2015

Oilfield Photo Gallery

Here is my Oilfield Photography Gallery - haven't been as good about putting up newer pieces as I have been with the shop, but still are images here that have yet to be added to the online store.

Public Places

Boots on the Platform over Bar in Basin Burger Restraunt


Day on the Rig

Promo Material

Postcard - Front
Postcard - Back


Pumpjack on Caddo Lake

Moody Jack

Oilfield Art - Oil & Gas Photography Images by Jamie Rood