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Artwork of Jamie Rood

Artist's Statement: Artistry of Jamie Rood - Beyond the Photograph

Images start from photographs I’ve taken.  
Creating my ’ Photographic Art’ requires extensive digital editing and touch-up: involving hours, days and more.. digitally hand painting & complex masking using the stylus & tablet.
Further, combing images may help set a mood or tell a story.
I like to touch on themes & objects which bring back memories or celebrate connections with each other, or just take you to a ‘special place…'

Connecting with My Art

I hope you will ‘feel something’ while enjoying my images. It may be a fond memory, or more complex emotion. Perhaps the color and texture just speak to you. In any event, I invite you to ‘explore’ and ‘get to know’ my work.


You will find my limited edition fine art prints available on canvas, sealed & stretched ready to hang on the wall or paper matted & ready for framing. Also available on aluminum, ceramic tile coasters, drink huggers, cutting boards, phone cases & more. I use only archival materials in production and can create very large pieces in house.


Each printed with archival materials.

If you would like to keep up with my artwork and me, please sign my e-mail list and note how my work speaks to you and jot down your favorite pieces.

‘Take a Deep Breath, Relax - and Have a Great Day!’ :)