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ENDED - Winter Overstock Sale!

Hosting on ebay @ ebay/jamierood

til Sunday, Feb 17 from 10:00 pm - 11:30 pm

28 canvases - 90 minutes of frenzy ;)

50%-75% Off Show prices:

Auction bids start at ~$99 - enough to cover my costs

Click 'Buy It Now' (Wholesale or Less) any time to buy and end auction on that item

Free Shipping on Canvases 36" & under!

Auctions start ending at 10 pm - every 4 minutes or so an auction ends, with a couple of clumps of 3-4. All canvases are ready to pack & ship - if you need it quickly, let me know.


What Is It?

These are canvases which I am no longer bringing to art shows. Some have been on display at my home/studio. I just need room for new pieces as have limited space. So, rather than recycling, I am giving my email list and web visitors an opportunity to have them at reduced cost.

I am starting with 30"-48" canvas for this first ever 'Winter Sale'. This seemed to be a good size to justify the listing effort and reasonable to ship. I have some smaller canvases, but we'll see how this goes ;)

I selected ebay to host this sale as it is familiar and has good tools for running an online auction - plus I thought it might be fun for my patrons to participate ;)



Some may have minor flaws due to packing and unpacking and being moved around, but pass my criteria for hanging in my space or yours. Will try to touch-up anything visible from the front.


Images of Canvases for Sale